Welcome to the 7th River Flow in Switzerland

On behalf of the IAHR Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics it is our pleasure to invite you to participate at River Flow 2014 – the 7th International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics – at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

The conference intends to create an environment for reflection, discussion and exchange of knowledge regarding fluvial hydraulics and river morphology. It is an opportunity to meet, to discuss and to learn about the interaction between water, sediments and structures in natural or built environments. The conference offers scientific presentations, site visits and master classes given by experts from different countries. It further aims to link science with river engineering practice. It would be a pleasure to meet you at EPFL in September 2014!

Your Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Anton J. Schleiss, Chair, Giovanni De Cesare, Mário J. Franca, and Michael Pfister













River Flow 2014